iPhone 7 Battery Repair Service

$69.00 $49.00

Price includes: Tax, Installation and Parts!

✅ Same Day appointment
✅ 30 Min Repair
✅ Watch while you wait
✅ Life-Time Warranty

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iPhone 7 Battery Repair Service for the following problems:

  • Won’t power on
  • Doesn’t hold charge
  • Bad battery life
  • Constantly shuts off

The following repair is to fix the battery issues occurring with your iPhone 7 and extend the iPhone 7 battery life. If you iPhone is dying at a high percentage, draining too fast, not showing the correct percentage in the meter above, then you need iPhone 7 battery replacement. The professional staff of iFone Repair Service in Glendale is ready to help you with iPhone 7 Battery Repair Service issues. All repairs are done by appointment only. Please call (818)639-3009 or schedule above.
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