iPhone 5C Camera Microphone Repair


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iPhone 5C Camera Microphone Repair for your issues:

  • Video recording doesn’t have audio
  • Call on other line doesn’t hear when on speaker
  • No audio input
  • Recordings don’t have audio

The following iPhone 5C Camera Microphone Repair is to fix the camera microphone. The repair is a physical replacement of the microphone found at the upper portion of your phone. The servicing will fix any issues with audio not being recorded when recording a video or problems with calls on a speakerphone. Found at the top edge of your iPhone 5c, the camera microphone repair will also resolve any water damaged issues with the component. The specialists of iFone Repair Service in Glendale will tackle all kinds of problems that you’re experiencing. All repairs are done by appointment only. Please call (818)639-3009 or schedule above.

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